IKEA Hack boozy cabinet

I’ve always wanted to do an IKEA hack. You can buy a decent, affordable, easy-to-build, solid wood piece of furniture and customize the crap out of it! I picked up a $70 IVAR cabinet with doors, spent $20 on knobs and legs, and used stain, paint, polyurethane, and reed fencing that I already had.

I was inspired by this IKEA hack instructional.

My neighbor was kind enough to let me borrow her jigsaw for cuttin’ the doors.

Used some cherry stain leftover from my tiki mug shelves… The pine soaked it up better than I expected! Nice and even.

The instructional showed using cane webbing, but in my research I found that stuff would’ve cost like $40 so I did some rethinking. I still had lots of reed fencing leftover, and ran with that.

Routered out a little notch to lay the reed in.

I had removed these little wooden bars that were pre-attached to the doors, and stained them. After stapling the reed into the notches, I reattached the bars to make the reed nice ‘n secure.

Check out these rad hairpin legs from Amazon. ($13 for 4.)

Slapped on some super cool seashell-shaped ceramic knobs from Hobby Lobby (a whopping $7 total.) Bam, tikirific.

(I need to rearrange the LED strip, but it’s looking pretty rad.)

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