The Arcade (aka the tricky abyss)

The arcade is appropriately located in a 6′ x 9′ nook separate from the tiki bar/lounge/main area. It has a different vibe from the tiki areas, but just works somehow! I’m really proud of the planning we did on this layout and the decor choices, honestly. We completely agreed on each other’s vision and it’s working out freakishly well.

While I absolutely love how the pure blackness of the arcade makes it appear like an endless abyss, I did run into some problems with paint here.

Mistake #1: I purchased pure black paint in eggshell finish. Don’t do this. Any time someone touches the wall or rubs against it, dust and oil marks are there for good. They do not wipe off – at all. And it’s super obvious.
Attempted Solution: 1 more coat of black eggshell, then a layer of clear glossy polyurethane.
Mistake #2: Used a foam roller to apply polyurethane. Don’t do this. Bubble City, USA. It was a hot mess.
Final Solution: Sanded the bubbles down with 120 grit sanding block. Painted with 2 coats of pure black high-gloss. Huzzah! It looks amazing!

The blacklight reactive rug is commercial-grade, cut from the wide rolls actually used in bowling alleys and arcades. Jason insisted on having this! The burst design is almost atomic mid-century looking, so it works surprisingly well with the other mid-century style pieces in the bar and lounge.
Jason also insisted on having a glowing Slimer. I did some research and found Wildfire luminescent paint which seems a bit pricey… but of the 6 oz bottle I purchased, I used maybe 0.5 oz for Slimer.
I went with chrome stools to reflect some of those bright shapes and the colored lighting.

And, not shown above, we added some fun splattery baseboard.

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