The one arcade cabinet we chose to invest in first was a Vertigo from VPCabs. This baby plays virtual pinball games (new and old) and old school vertical arcade games like Frogger, Donkey Kong, etc. It’s basically just a computer that comes pre-loaded with several hundred games. But of course we (Jason) started modifying it right away to remove unwanted games and load the hyper-realistic open source pinball games that are available out there. (I’m pretty sure “I.T.” stands for “Immediate Tinkering.”)

If you watch Shark Tank, you’ve likely seen the episode with VPCabs. Daymond John gave them a deal based on their original full-size virtual pinball machine. They are based in Fairfield, OH, which is about 45 minutes away so Jason was able to go pick it up. We also got free upgrades on the controls and speaker system! Solid choice, I think.

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