I dub thee The Spooky Pineapple

Every tiki bar needs a name! We collaborated on a name, and I kept imagery in my head of how I wanted the logo to look. The name and logo had to be a mix of tiki and arcade, naturally. We love all things spooky: spooky ghosts, spooky skeletons, spooky atmospheres… And being located in the basement with some low lighting I think qualifies this destination as a little spooky. The Spooky Pineapple it is! Which part reflects the arcade? Well the pineapple skull teeth, of course, which are a reference to the ghosts in Pac-Man.

I chose to create our sign for The Spooky Pineapple Tiki Lounge & Arcade using an authentic bourbon barrel head, appropriate since we live in Kentucky not far from the Bourbon Trail. My newfound router skills went to good use.

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