baby schmidt happens march 2021

let's play games!

which parent?

Who was the bigger baby at birth?

Who will be the overprotective parent?

Who will spoil baby the most?

Who will improv better baby songs?

Winning Responses

Worst name for a baby: Shooshoo Kitty Cat (Nicki Y.)

They say to watch out for the terrible twos, but you should actually get watch out for the… Sassy Six. (Tracy C.)

It would be epic if the baby’s first words were… Zef ta def. (Nicki Y.)

Name of a bar/pub for babies: Tie
Tits for Tots Milk Bar (Nicki Y.)
Spooky Whineapple (Sarah/Brandon S.)

Weird thing to use as an improv diaper: Tie
Grandpa’s underwear (G-ma)
Philadelphia Eagles jersey … no that’s not weird (Aunt Jo)

Awkward baby shower gift(s): A box of condoms (Lisa D.)

An unspoken milestone: Baby’s first… Four letter word (Beth S.)

Where do babies come from? Amazon Prime (Lori & Mike H. / Nicki Y.)


diaper that baby!

Winner: "Baby carrots" by Aunt Jo