Pin break!

We decided to take a little break and trek down to Gatlinburg for the weekend. While the weather was terrible, it allowed us to find a little gem called the Pinball Museum. This place opened just a few months ago, and it is probably the biggest bang for your buck in downtown Gatlinburg. You can play all of their pinball and old arcade games ALL DAY for a mere $15 per person. You get a wrist band and can come and go as you please. Play for a bit, grab some lunch, hit the bar, come back and play for 3 more hours. This particular day forced them to shut off a handful of the games due to leaks in the ceiling, which also cut admission in half. So we paid $15 for both of us. And believe you me, there was still PLENTY to play.

We also now want a pinball machine in our basement, but that’s for another day.

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