The Tiki Bar has arrived

Example #2 of how Fast Track It is my savior in this whole project. The tiki bar! What are the frick’n odds that this thing popped up right when I needed it?

Not sure what all happened to this thing, but it had a few cracked pieces, a few missing pieces, no hardware, and a good amount of cobwebs. But all in all, an incredible find! I’m glad the instructions were still in the box.

The best part…
MSRP: $870 on Amazon
I paid $40.68, plus $29 to replace missing parts.




The most helpful Ace Hardware employee ever took his time to find all the pieces I needed. I am forever grateful to that dude.

Not sure where the roof is gonna go… we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.



Notice that fabulous purply tint? We’ll talk about lighting later…

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